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Helping rural shelters save dogs of all breeds

After realizing that many rural shelters have no funds for medical care or basic needs, SaveSpot was created and we are on a mission to help save pups who would otherwise be put down due to lack of space or resources. 

What we do

Transport, cover medical care, locate fosters and more...

1 TRANSPORTATION Rural shelters commonly transfer dogs to other shelters or rescue groups to create space for new animals or find specialized medical care for the dog. However, transportation can be difficult to arrange or cost too high which forces the shelter to consider euthanasia. We cover costs and arrange safe transportation to the pup's next stop.

2 MEDICAL CARE At no fault of their own, dogs get sick and that alone puts them on "the list." We step in, cover medical costs and get the precious pup one step closer to home.


We place the dog with a loving foster and work diligently to find it a forever family

4 SUPPLIES Dog food, collars, leashes, beds, toys and treats...every dollar donated goes directly to supporting a dogs journey to adoption.

Get Involved

Get Involved

SaveSpot is 100% volunteer run and grateful for support from our community. Please consider applying to foster or making a donation. Sign up for news to be the first to hear about an active rescues, adoptable dogs or any special needs that arise. 
Our Founders cover all overhead costs so that every dollar donated goes directly to support a dogs path to adoption. 
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