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As experienced foster parents, we know how hard in can be to manage our lives and still be able to help those dogs we grow to love so much! The bond you create with a foster dog is truly special and our foster programs are designed to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved. That is why we have three different ways to foster:

  1. Foster to Adoption - You would like to stay with your foster pup until they find their forever home and even help them get adopted. You get them adopted into an approved family, you keep the adoption fee!

  2. Foster Short-Term - You would like to foster a dog for 2-4 weeks until they are transported to their new rescues or Foster family. If you have never fostered a dog before, a short term care would be great way to start. 

  3. Foster Share - You would like to foster a dog for short term periods with the help of another foster - (until adoption or transport). This will require you to build a relationship with the other foster and to coordinate timing, with our assistance.

We have a big need for short-term fosters! Many of the rural shelters we work with receive an influx of dogs unexpectedly which makes it difficult for them to maintain their no kill efforts. For example, Lockhart shelter is small, only able to house 56 dogs in kennels, and is known for having only a 50% life rate. That means half the dogs there don't make it out of the shelter. So, even with dogs packed in offices and bathrooms, the shelter is forced to euthanize when overflowing occurs. Bad news for injured dogs and long stays. In these moments, it becomes even more critical for us to help by arranging transport to medical care and finding fosters for a large number of dogs, quickly. This is why we need you! Please consider becoming a Short-Term Foster and help us prevent anymore needless deaths. Click here to download the application. We also have some medical needs dogs, so do let us know in your application if you would be interested in helping an injured pup.

What's Next?

After receiving your foster application, we will contact you via phone or email (your preference) to go over the program in more detail. Then, we will email you photos with descriptions of dogs that might be a good match. From there, you are able to select the dog you would like to foster. Many times, you will go straight to the shelter pick up the pup. However, you are also welcome to go visit and interact with multiple dogs to find a good fit for your household. The shelter gets new dogs every day, so if one day you don't find the perfect match, the next day might be your day. 

Thank you for your interest in joining our mission, we look forward to working with you!

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